Kasmifood is a family business that specializes in the development and refinement of halal dishes and
products that qualify for both Muslims and non-Muslims. The need for good quality halal products
has forced us as Muslims to start our own company that can meet this need.

In Belgium alone, there are today more than half a million Muslims who are overlooked by many
companies as a target group that is overlooked or not taken into account. Behind Halal there is more
than just the religious meaning and guidelines, on the culinary level it also has another meaning.
Namely, that Halal dishes are simply Halalicious by the diversity of spices and preparation methods. It
is precisely in this that we distinguish ourselves from the others.

Kasmifood is a 100% Halal production company with the necessary know-how regarding the very
complex Halal market and its products and services. With our house brand KASMI, we are the market
leader in Belgium in the field of Halal salad spreads and recently we have expanded our range with
both cold meats, dairy, frozen products and cold sauces for both wholesale, foodservice and retail.
Through our other company Kasmifood Distribution we take care of the logistics and distribution of
our products at home and abroad.

Kasmifood Distribution is now active in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany thanks to a
system of franchising to ensure that our service and quality are guaranteed and we can keep up with
market changes.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • CSR gets a lot of attention at Kasmifood. We pay attention to how ingredients are produced, how
    they are processed and what can be done with waste.
    – As little plastic as possible in our packaging
    – Continuous reduction of material loss
    – Cardboard outer packaging without printing where possible
    – Good cooperation with associations for the less fortunate